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With over 25 years of experience in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior design spaces, House of Interiors is thrilled to offer our creativity, technical skills, and passion for design to your doorstep.


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In a personalized one-to-one consultation, the client’s needs and expectations are identified.


As soon as the first consultation has been completed, our interior designers aim to create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.


Our interior design experience is needed not only for indoor areas but also for outdoor environments of a building or home. In order to create a unified appearance and feel, our focus is to incorporate interior features into outdoor settings.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we work with complete projects, either all at once or in stages according to your budget.

The initial consultation and quote will give you a clear indication of how cost effective we can plan your dream space. It is our work to insure that we can get to your required design and budget.

The quote of a consultation will depend on whether it is one room only or an entire house, time spend on site and distance to be travelled.

Mostly we try to incorporate customers existing or sentimental pieces into a project combined with our products in the right way to make the space look beautiful.

Depending on the size of the project or if it is custom made pieces, anything between 2-12 weeks.

It depends on the item installed and time spend on the installation.

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